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Brad Pitt I Was Faithful To Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt says his relationship with current partner Angelina Jolie began only after her split from ... weiterlesen
20.1.09 10:08

Anne Hathaway Wows At National Board Of Review Awards 2008

15 January 2009, (Sawf News) - Anne Hathaway continued to win awards and delight with her sense of s... weiterlesen
20.1.09 10:08

Bruce Springsteen Beats Clint Eastwood At Golden Globes

This is the only time I m will be in competition with Clint Eastwood, Springsteen said as he collect... weiterlesen
20.1.09 10:08

Are One Tree Hill Supernatural And Smallville Safe

OTH intends to sign the cast for another year? Will Clark Kent continue for another season Smallvill... weiterlesen
20.1.09 10:08

Kate Hudson Quot I Quot M Sick Of Romance Rumors Quot

. The Bride Wars star - who has been romantically linked to Owen Wilson, Dax Shepard cyclist Lance A... weiterlesen
20.1.09 10:08

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